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chibimeep23: 2, 7, 13, and 18? :3

Thank you for leaving some Disney asks πŸ˜„ 2: favourite villain? I would have to say ursula. I think she is just sassy, cool, she just has this air of confidence about her that I wish I had plus she is just a bad ass :). 7: Favourite animal sidekick? I would say stitch but I don’t know if I consider him a sidekick to me he is more a main character. Instead I’ll pick doug the dog. He is funny, sweet, loveable and both me and my dad are huge fans of doug lol everyone needs a dog like doug. 13: favourite couple? Hands it’s got to be Ariel and Eric. The little mermaid was the first disney movie I ever saw and it’s the one that made me fall in love with Disney. I’m a huge romantic and seeing the love that Eric has for Ariel is what makes them my fave couple. 18: favourite sequel? Again another easy one. It has to be the little mermaid 2 return to the sea. The fact that Ariel and Eric have a daughter is just so sweet and cute. You can just feel the love and the romance that all the characters have for each other. And it was nice to see things through melody’s perspective. Thank you for the asks please feel free to leave me more if you wish.

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YAY!!! Thank you so much for leaving me some numbers :D. 9: favourite princess movie? My fave princess movie is the little mermaid. It was the first disney movie I saw and the first movie that had a princess in it that I saw. I fell in love immediately. 12: Fave song? My fave song is from the little mermaid but believe it or not it’s not a full length song. It’s part of your work reprise I just love that scene and the feeling that Jodi Benson puts into that song and the part where the waves crash up behind Ariel is just breath taking. 15: favourite hair? If I had to pick one it would have to be rapunzel’s braid with the flowers in. I think it just looks amazing and is animated beautifully. Plus I’m jealous because I have mid length hair but have always wanted long lovely hair. Thanks for the asks numbers and thank you for following me. Please feel free to leave me more questions and asks if you want. 😊

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the pain in her eyes

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Sure :)

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i don’t really know anyone who inspires me ://

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